Poetry and Music of the Volcanic Plains

First event of the year and it happens to be in my childhood hometown Camperdown (VIC) featuring two other poets who are also mad for this landscape that I love.  What a luxury, poetry of the volcanic plains supported by the brilliant violinist Bert Pratt. The man is a genius with a heart as big as Mt Leura. I’ve been reading bits and pieces from Graeme Kinross-Smith for years but Barry Breen is the man who got me onto poetry. He taught me at school for the last few years. I still hear his voice resonating in my head with the poetry of Yeats and Owen and Eliot. He opened a world to me.  I knew this reading would be the last my mother would attend. She who has been my best groupie, my most critical of proof-readers and faithful of readers sparkled on this day. I will be grateful to her forever.

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  • Jillian says:

    Sounds like this event would have been right up my alley. Born in Camperdown I lived there until I was 11, and I think feel it’s home whenever I go back for a visit.

    • EA Gleeson says:

      There were a few of us there Jillian who had left Camperdown years ago but have returned with our appreciative grown-up eyes.

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