The Lace Weaver – Lauren Chater

By December 15, 2018Poetry

When I lived in Ballarat some years ago, one of my end of year jobs was an annual  guest spot on ABC radio where I was asked to name and talk about the books I loved best in the various categories. The place where I live now does not have a radio station but I still tend to reflect on standouts. If you search back through my blogposts, you won’t be surprised to read now that my standout cover graced the superb novel, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart by Holly Ringland and was created by Edith Rewa.

It was in the later part of the year that I heard about Lauren Chater’s novel, The Lace Weaver. To be fair, anybody who knows the least thing about me will know how passionately I feel the story of Estonia needs to be told, so it’s possible I was predisposed towards loving this book.

But love it I did. It is beautifully and grippingly written. I am in awe of the research undertaken by Lauren. Most importantly for me, it provided such insight into the subtleties of human behaviour during WW11, and of course, being a poet, I loved the  language and motif of this beautiful book.


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