A textual gem in the National Library bookshop

By April 14, 2018Poetry

One of the treasures I brought back from my time in Canberra was this book, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart by Holly Rhineland. I found it in the National Library bookshop flanked by Tracy Sorenson and Tim Winton. Had they known, I’m sure they would have been pleased with the fine literary and artistic company. And what a read it is, surprising and riveting and to add to the delight, the prose is perfect and each chapter begins with the artwork of the cover artist, Edith Rewa.

I should be honest and confess I actually bought the book for the cover. It is beautiful. I wanted to have it in my writing space. I was aware of the artistic work of Edith Rewa who takes herself on field trips, sketches what she sees and comes back to her studio to create beautiful designs which ultimately become scarves, purses, tattoos, wall hangings, dresses, exquisite wrapping paper and now a book cover and chapter illustrations.

Last month, many in the poetry community were saddened by Deb Westbury’s death. I am one of many grateful for what she taught and reminded us of. To name what we care about through poetry is one of those reminders. Edith Rewa is doing exactly that through her artistic work and in giving it back to us, reminds us of the worth of every single species.



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