Loving the Poetry in Geelong

By April 11, 2015Poetry

FRIDAY 20 March Wool Museum Geelong

What a delight to attend one of the best poetry readings ever from some of the Geelong poets who featured in Best Australian Poems 2014. Fantastic venue and involvement from The Council and the Library. Great to catch up with poetry friends from way back. And what a joy to listen to excellent poetry being read in voices that allowed the musicality of the poetry to do its own thing. But the highlight for me was the interest of the poetry. This was poetry worth hearing.

SATURDAY 21 March Ocean Grove library

A smaller group hosted by the library but a few poems and plenty of chat but where were those readers?

SUNDAY 22 March Camperdown Botanic Gardens

I presented my poems and mini-workshop to the partners of the Lions delegates in Camperdown for the weekend. Hosted by Judi Oakes in one of Camperdown’s iconic settings. An interesting responsive group, a charming host and a stunning setting..perfect for poetry.

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