Small Acts of Purpose launched in Brisbane (Nov 2017) by David Reiter as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of Interactive Press.

Belfast in my Mind

Radio Ulster


Survival Guide
from In between the dancing (p 71)

On days when loss is eating you inside out
go up the mountain. Stride into the light
and keep on walking till you’re covered
within the canopy of green…

Shifting Landscapes
from Maisie and the Black Cat Band (p 47)

…summer nights
when we lay splayed on the trampoline,
backs cushioned on the give of the black mat,
heads pillowed on each others’ stomachs.
a raggle of bodies, tight as a jigsaw.

Gift from Neuzelle
from Maisie and the Black Cat Band (p 46)

To read this book, I need to place
it on the table, lift each page.
It is older than anything I own…

The world without me
from Small Acts of Purpose (p 54)

In our poetry, they say, we name what we care about.
My poems show what I care about
and mostly, that’s me.

Toiling and spinning is not for lilies.
You do not need to outsmart aphids and slugs
This is work for your visitors.

Let the hover-fly hover.
Let the praying mantis prey.

‘Instructions to the Lilies of the Field’
from Small Acts of Purpose (p 39)